Welcome to India Grace, a brand born out of a deep passion for sustainability, creativity, and the love of beauty in every aspect of life. I have always strived to live in a way that respects and cherishes our planet, upcycling, recycling, and repurposing items around my home and garden. My journey led me to complete a sustainable renovation of an 18th-century farmhouse, a project that filled me with immense pride as I transformed it into a sustainable haven.

My love for my home and garden knows no bounds; every inch of my space reflects my commitment to a conscious and mindful lifestyle. Being surrounded by beautiful things has always been a source of joy and inspiration for me, and I draw immense pleasure from the serenity and harmony it brings to my life.

Throughout my journey, I was continually drawn to the allure of items influenced by Asian culture. The elegance, artistry, and timeless beauty of Asian aesthetics resonated deeply with me, adding a touch of tranquillity and sophistication to my surroundings.

A Turning Point: Sari Silk Repurposing

Recently, I stumbled upon a magnificent discovery that sparked a whole new chapter in my sustainable journey. During the sustainable renovation of my farmhouse, I incorporated sari silk for soft furnishings in my home and garden. The experience captivated me by the sheer beauty and versatility of these silk saris.

It was a revelation – I realized these beautiful silk saris had even more potential beyond soft furnishings. Driven by my passion for sustainability and my admiration for the vibrant colours of nature in my garden, I explored how these exquisite sari fabrics could be repurposed into even more beautiful creations.

India Grace Collection: A Symphony of Colours and Consciousness

Thus, the India Grace collection was born – a harmonious blend of sustainable fashion and Asian-inspired aesthetics. Each item in our collection is a testament to the beauty of repurposing and the artistry of sari silk. We take great care in selecting the finest sari fabrics, ensuring they mirror the vivid colours and essence of nature surrounding us.

Every piece in our collection is thoughtfully crafted, embodying the spirit of sustainability and mindfulness. From recycled silk sari kimonos to luxurious loungewear, beach cover-ups, and silk hair accessories, our creations celebrate conscious living and elegant beauty.

Join the Journey

At India Grace, we invite you to join our sustainable fashion journey, where eco-consciousness meets Asian-inspired allure. With each purchase, you contribute to the preservation of our planet and the promotion of mindful living.

Thank you for being a part of this transformative endeavour. Together, let us embrace sustainable beauty, celebrate vibrant colours, and create a more harmonious world for future generations.